Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Was formed in 1991 by Mr. R.I Patel. who is the chairman of the company. This company was formed to meet the market requirements of Conveyor Chain for varied Industrial segment. Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd’s parent company Western Engineering Works, was started in 1970 by Mr. R.P. Patel. It also manufactures Conveyor Chains of road construction equipments and machineries. Mr. Hemal Patel, the current director of Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Started his career with Western Engineering Works in 1998. The company observed boom in the Road Construction machinery market in 1998, there was a need to improve production by 300% , with his proficiency and innovative methods Western Engineering Works was able to meet the required production within no time.

In 2004, Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was taken over by Mr. Hemal Patel. At that time the organization was facing management problems and needed a visionary leader to take it forward. Mr. Hemal Patel with his experience and intelligence took the responsibility and within the span of 4-5 years it was having very well trained man power, well equipped plant and on time production which resulted into more expanded market and broad range of clientele across India and Overseas. Mr. Hemal Patel’s endless efforts took Tripcon to International markets and the Exports Figures rose from rupees 24 lacs in 2010-11 to 10 million rupees in 2011-12 inspite of the turbulence in the international market. Tripcon started exporting to countries like Indonesia, Nepal, Israel, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Uganda, Zambia.

Tripcon has always considered Technology Upgradation and Product Development through R&D as the key business drivers. In Technology upgradation Tripcon has introduced its range of chains from 2011, Its most wearing parts has to go through an induction hardening process which in turn gives more life to chains and this technology has helped Tripcon to bag big value domestic and international orders. Lot of Repeat Orders were acquired by Tripcon regularly from its client base since then.  

Over a period of last three years Tripcon’s Design section under the able leadership of Mr. Hemal Patel had developed a good team of designers whose designs have won challenging and variety of orders. Prospective Customers are also being offered alternative designs along with the offer which, apart from cracking the deal has also resolved their elongated breakdowns. All this has cleared the way of Tripcon as a strong and leading brand for conveyor chains and sprockets.

Also for product development at global space Tripcon has started concentrating on the asthetic look of the product right from surface finishing of the product till its packing. Tripcon has bought a Shot Blasting Machine in 2011 which has improved the aesthetic finishing of the products and which is helping to bag international as well as domestic orders from giant players of the market. 

Tripcon has tied up with HEKO chains, Germany in 2012 and now Tripcon is distributing Heko chains in India to its customer base. Tripcon has started participating in Corporate Awards in 2012 & has won “Kamalpatra Award” 2012 by JCI India, & was nominated in “Leaders of Tomorrow” 2012 by Indiamart. 

Tripcon aspires to be one stop solution for “Engineering Excellence” and our journey towards excellence has just begun. We foresee Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. as one of the Leading Company representing India globally.  

We are focussed heavily on latest machines and cutting edge technology and has installed state of the an manufacturing equipment, The main raw materials required for manufacturing the chains & sprockets are flat bars, plates and round bats of the best grades of steel procured from reputed manufacturers all over the globe, which have to pass through rigorous quality checks.

The manufacturing process involved in the conveyor chains are for the flat components and the round components. For the flat components that is links the processes are blanking, punchingdebuting & straightening.

This is followed by the process of shearing and welding of varieties of attachments. And the processes for the round components involves cutting and machining on CNC SPMs.

Tripcon firmly believes that the back bone of a Conveyor Chain is the heat treatment given to it. Hence, heat treatment is given to all the products in the ultra modern furnaces for through hardening &case carburising as required for the product citing the quenching technology of tripcon. Round components after hardening and tempering undergoes grinding process to reduce the friction between the mating components and pans of the equipments.

Assembling of the chain components forms a vital link in the whole Process which is done on power presses and assembled to lengths as per the customer's requirement. Final quality & pre-loading plocess requires the assembled chain to be subjected once again to every type of quality check.

Tripcon manufactutes conveyer chains & sprockets of the finest quality and is capable of producing up to 10000 meters of special application chains every month.

The two factors that are vital to the success of the company are the quality of our products and their consequent smooth application that would assure their long run. Lapses in quality can affect risk management efforts, hinder regulatory compliance or compromise customer satisfaction. To ensure that our products and solutions stand up to the challenge, Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. implements robust quality process frameworks and thoroughly validates every application. Our quality frameworks use rigorous validation methodologies to deliver high quality, near zero defect solutions. Our Chains and Sprockets are as per BSS/ASA/ISO/Russian or any other international standard. Thus, we ensure high reliability, availability and stability of applications. These are achieved through a combination of risk based testing, effective processes and strong knowledge management.

Tripcon is committed to stringently comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2015 and continuously improve it’s effectiveness. Tripcon is continuously and forever involved in improvement of product and services. To meet the Quality Requirements Tripcon is:

  • Making “Quality” the norm of the organization.
  • Focusing on “Customer satisfaction” through best quality products and services.
  • Providing appropriate training to all the employees whose activities effect directly to the products and services of the organization.
  • Making the Quality Policy publicly available and ensure that it is communicated throughout the organization.

Vission :

We serve our clients with Consistent Quality Engineering Products at a very competitive price with fastest delivery all over the globe. Each and every component is manufactured with inbuilt Quality parameters and passes through rigorous quality check for achieving optimum life of the product. Principle of “Collaborative Growth” has made it possible for us to grow from past three decades and is the key driver in achieving “Engineering Excellence”.

Mission :

Our aspiration is to be one stop solution for “Engineering Excellence”. We will be setting an example of Core Engineering, Fine Technicality, Modern Mechanisms and Global Recognitions in providing Techno-commercial solution on Global platform. We foresee Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. as one of the Leading Company representing India globally

The infrastructure at Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is essentially a dedicated intermix of specialized machinery and engineering resources. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with ultra modern heat treatment equipments like rotary furnace with latest programmable temperature control system. The state-of-the-art manufacturing systems are backed by a highly efficient and committed marketing team. All the manufacturing units are ably supervised and controlled by technocrats and industry specialists. We have well managed, well equipped tool rooms with hi-tech machines. Our large storehouse is another asset of our company, which enables us to meet any unforeseen demands arising due to market forces. We have a monthly production capacity of 10000 meters.

The philosophy of our company is "Enterprise Quality Services: Streamlining material handling solutions in a collaborative environment". Our strategy at Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is to leverage our superior material handling design and engineering know-how to provide differentiated products, systems and services to efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position or secure material. The focus of our company is on industrial and commercial applications with the highest potential for growing market share in countries that offers the greatest volume and profit potential.


We provide our customers with high quality products possessing the balance of performance, reliability, price and delivery. Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and export of the following types of Chains and Chains Sprockets:- 

  • Conveyor Elevator Chains: Bushed Roller Chains, Bushed Chains, Driving Chains, Hollow Pin Chains
  • Transmission Roller Chains
  • Stacker Reclaimer Chains
  • Apron Feeder Conveyor Chains
  • Bucket Elevator Chains for all casing sizes with variety of attachments
  • Coal Conveyor Chains
  • Heavy Duty Driving Chains
  • Lime Stone Scrapper Reclaimer Chains for different load/size
  • Drag Chains (Bulk Flow), Reddler Chains and their Sandwich Type Sprockets
  • Coal Scrapper Chains with Variety of Attachments
  • Steel Driving Chains (3.075'' Pitch, 4.063'' Pitch, etc.).


  • We strive to understand and anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations by continuous fulfilment of customer’s requirements.
  • We are committed to offer innovative and value added solutions to our customers.
  • We always ask “How can we serve our customers best?"
  • We nurture Quality as an attitude at Tripcon
  • We are quality driven and apply a “Quality Minded Approach to Everything We Do.”
  • We are passionate about Quality and its continuous improvement through teamwork and generating inbuilt quality culture.
ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY & INNOVATION TO DRIVE 3 Ps. (People, Processes and Products)
  • We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices in our organization from grass root level.
  • We aggressively pursue new business, and determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity, have a determination and a positive approach to every task, have a ‘can-do’ spirit, and a restless determination to continually improve and excel.
  • We utilize our full potential to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every new opportunity and every new challenge.
  • We encourage and inspire learning amongst our people at every level.
  • We passionately believe that people are the most valuable assets of our company, and that they are essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.
  • We trust, inspire, and empower our people to set and achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals.
  • We treat all people with dignity and courtesy.
  • We strive to support mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our stakeholders.
  • We appreciate every individual for every value addition and performance.
  • We work smartly with passion, integrity, conviction and commitment.
  • We work in teams with a shared purpose and value individual ability and diversity as essential to promote harmony and open communication. Each of us succeeds individually ... when we, as a team, achieve success.
  • We respect and adhere to company policies, systems and procedures.
  • We will be well-informed and respect the regulations, rules, and compliance issues that apply to our businesses around the world.
  • We respect the values and cultures of the communities in which we operate.

Tripcon is committed to Safety & Health of its employees and associates who may be affected by its operation.

To achieve this goal, our policy is:

  • Integrate Safety & Health measures in all our activities.
  • Comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to the Organization from time to time.
  • Educate and Encourage Safety & Health awareness amongst employees and associates including customers and dealers.
  • Continually improve the Safety performance by implementing right practices and by educating all employees and associates as and when required.

The Safety policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties and to the public wherever applicable.

As a responsible corporate, Tripcon Team is committed to the cause of conservation of the environment and has made environmental protection as one of the priority through:

  • Continually improving environmental performance of our processes & products and ensuring prevention of pollution at each stage as applicable.
  • Strictly complying with the applicable environmental standards.
  • Ensuring effective use of resources in the areas of energy, fuels, oils, water, etc.
  • Reducing and recycling waste and packaging materials.
  • Encouraging the usage of eco-friendly technologies to eliminate use of hazardous materials.
  • Promoting the cause of environmental preservation amongst employees, associates & other stakeholders by inculcating sensitivity to the environmental concerns.

We shall communicate this policy to all our employees and would make it available to all the interested parties and general public.